Hazel's House Success Stories

 Athena Adoption May 2018

Athena came to us in April of 2018 with her 3 babies and her 3 pregnant sisters. We got word of a house that had 50-60 cats that needed to be gone within a 72-hour period. We took the 3 pregnant sisters to another rescue, and Athena and her 3 kittens stayed with us. Athena was nothing but skin and bones, and her coat was dull. Over the next month, we worked on getting her fixed, vetted and gaining weight. In May, she went home to her forever family. She has her dad and her human brother to dote on her.


The Chrises Adoption October of 2018

The Chrises, Hemsworth, Pratt, and Evans, came to us at the end of July, 2018. Evans and Hemsworth were semi-feral, but Pratt was so sick that he surrendered to our love. They were all flea-infested, but Pratt was skin and bones as well as extremely dehydrated. With a little TLC and love, these boys ended up being the sweetest boys ever. Pratt has kept his name and lives with family friends who have since adopted another kitten from Hazel's House. Hemsworth and Evans are now Colby and Jack. They were adopted together, and their mom loves them dearly! Their mom has also come back since and adopted a baby sister for them!


Mags Adoption September of 2020

Mags was brought to us in June of 2020 by a farmer who had found her and her 2 other siblings next to their mother (who had been attacked and killed by another animal). Mags' and her siblings were only a couple of weeks old, and infested with maggots. The moment they reached us, they were rushed to the Vet Clinic for treatment. Sadly, the infestation was too much for her two siblings, but Mags survived. We continued her care until she was finally healthy enough to be spayed and adopted. Now she lives with her mom and dad, 2 human siblings, and 3 four-legged siblings in Newberg Oregon.


Bixby Adoption January of 2021

Bixby was brought to us in December of 2020 in a live trap no less. He was thought to be semi-feral (or even feral), but after seeing his behavior in a video, we thought he actually may be friendly, and wanted to give him a chance. Bibxy came from a rural part of Forest Grove, where between the coyote packs, the neighbors dogs, and the road, no cat has ever survived long enough for this concerned citizen to trap them, but he did. Sadly though it was not without injury. Upon x-rays, we found that Bixby had been shot. Either at a long distance with a duck shot, or with a pellet gun. It was hard to tell from the x-rays. We didn't have an option to remove the metal, as it would cause more harm to him than good. Luckily, it does not seem to bother him, and he found a mom and a dad who dote on him and were willing to give him the patience he needed.


Sterling Adoption December of 2020

Sterling came to us at the end of September, after a concerned citizen of Silverton, Oregon called us about a kitten found in a parking lot with a broken leg. We immediately got him into our care, and to Newberg Veterinary Hospital. The team of doctors assigned to his case thought there was a 75% chance to save his leg with pins! It was all going to be up to the amount of nerve damage he had. Sadly, after two months of recovery, Sterling had to have his leg removed. However, don't worry, as this did not stop him one bit. Sterling was adopted in December to a family that consisted of his mom, dad, and a tripod feline just like himself!


Peanut and Baby Adoption November 2021

Peanut and Baby's dad was moved to hospice care and they were left at a doggie day care until he could find someone to take them. Sadly Peanut fell very ill and the daycare knew they needed to move this along ASAP. We agreed to take them and the night we got them Peanut was stable but we didn't know what was wrong. By the time the next morning rolled around Peanut was gravely ill. Peanut had pyrometra and was 24 hours from dying. After a life saving surgery Peanut started to recover and Baby was happy to have her sister back. In November they were adopted by a young couple who adopt senior dogs! They feel in love with the girls after the first post and stayed in touch. The girls are happy with their new family and pack of oldies. 


Tilly Adopted April 2022

Tilly came to in Feb. of 2022. She had been found out side an apartment complex curled up. She was nothing but skin and bones as well as weak and fragile. We thought she was a senior cat but come to find out Miss Tilly was a juvenile in really bad shape. She did not have anything major wrong with her she just lacked all the proper care. With a little TLC and love after two months with us Tilly found her forever home!

Joe Adopted May 2022

Joe came to us in March of 2022 after some one witness a cat dragging a back leg running across the rode. It was late at night and upon making contact we found out that he was actually now under someones house. An amazing cat trapper and foster parent volunteered to crawl under there and get Joe. He was in the very back and she had to arm crawl to get him and drag him out. Joe could have attacked her but this sweet boy allowed her to pull him to safety. Upon getting him out and in a carrier she saw the large gash on his side. All the ER vets were full so no one would see Joe that night. The next day he went to Guardian Vet Care where it was determined he had been hit by a car and broken his rear leg. He had an amputation the next day and Joe started his recovery! In May of 2022 he was adopted to a wonderful family!