Available cats’ and kittens’ posted on Facebook on Adoption post, or you can find us on Petfinder.


We don't accept applications on cats or kittens until they are up for adoption. This helps ensure that no one's application gets lost in the interim. We do not do holds or pre-adoptions, and are not first-come, first-serve.


If you would like to adopt one of our available cats or kittens, please send us a direct message or an email (we may miss a comment on a post) with the following information:


-Which cat(s) or kitten(s) you're interested in
-Some basic info about your home and life

-Your e-mail address so we can send you the application 


At this time we do not do meet-and-greets with kittens/cats. We are a foster-based rescue, and with COVID-19, it just isn't something we are able to accommodate at this time (nor do we have the space to do so). Please feel free to message us with questions about a kitten's/cat’s attitude and temperament.

We strive to always find the best fit for both the kitten(s)/cat(s) and the family. We often have multiple applications in for one kitten/cat. This means we will have to turn some people down, even if they're a great home.


If we make the decision to adopt a kitten/cat to a family other than yours, please feel free to ask us why, or any questions you may have. Not adopting one kitten/cat to you doesn't mean you aren't the perfect home for a different Hazel’s House kitten/cat.


Please be patient with us! We work full-time and run the rescue as well. Doing the hands-on care for the rescue animals (and our own) has to come before our social media pages. We try to be as prompt as possible when responding to messages, comments, and emails, but it may take us a bit.


Adults will have been fixed, microchipped, de-wormed, flea-treated, had their rabies vaccines, started on their FVRCP, FIV/FeLV tested, and had a wellness exam. Adoption fee is $50. There is a 10% discount for multiple adoptions.


Kittens will be fixed, microchipped, de-wormed, flea-treated, have had at least their first round of vaccines and a wellness exam. Adoption fee is $150. There is a 10% discount for multiple adoptions.