Hazel's House started in October 2017, when a family member asked us to help with a litter of kittens found in a barn. After socializing and adopting them out to our friends, we absolutely fell in love with rescuing. We began fostering and mentoring with Newberg Animal Shelter in the spring of 2018. We learned how to run a foster/outreach program, as well as a shelter/rescue; we also learned all about shelter/rescue medicine. In the spring of 2020, we decided we were finally ready to expand and dedicate our time fully to Hazel's House Rescue. We spent the next 6 months filing for our non-profit, starting our foster program and expanding our supporters. As of September of 2020, we became a 501(c)(3) non-profit and have helped over 1500 cats and kittens to date. We continue to grow and expect 2023 to be our best year yet. As of September of 2021, Hazel's House Rescue was happy to announce we have expanded to rescuing/helping with dogs in addition to cats. We will remain a mainly cat/kitten rescue but we wanted to help a few dogs along the way.


I (Brittany) run our foster-based rescue while working a full-time job, in the recycling industry for the last 8 years. I have a passion for animals, helping people and our community. Our board is comprised of a former adopter and a family member who are just as passionate as we are about rescue. As a team, we believe in our motto (#Whatsonemore) and our mission to help put a dent in the cat overpopulation problem, one life at a time.



Our rescue is completely volunteer-based and driven. We are an Oregon state and Federal non-profit who rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes cats while forming partnerships with our community, businesses, veterinarians and other rescues and shelters. We believe teamwork makes the dream work.


Our mission at Hazel’s House Rescue is to help animals within our community by sheltering, adoptions, spay/neuters, education and community outreach